Brian Trevor Elliott (YG 1959)
16 June 2024
Old Scholars will be saddened to hear of the death of Brian Elliott (YG 1959). Brian was born in Beeston Notts on 12th July 1941. He was at Friends' between 1952 and 1957. He died, aged 82 at Lechlade in Gloucestershire on 5th April 2024.

His class mate and friend, Dr Christopher Lee (YG 1959) has provided the following obituary and fond recollections of Brian.

"Brian and I became friends on the first day of school when we were 11-years old. We were both from London, and in the autumn 1957 we were seen off from Liverpool Street railway station to Audley End Junction where we changed to the 'Squash' which brought us to Saffron Walden station. In those days there were no coaches, so we walked up the hill to school. Readers from that era may recall how our school trunk had already preceded us via the British Railways’ PLA system [Passengers’ Luggage in advance], so there was nothing to carry.

All of the first-year boys were put in the largest dormitory there was, which was Bedroom Six at the top of the stairs on the right, overlooking the front lawn. We were arranged in alphabetical order. An order I can see in my head and recite to this day. We both enjoyed school immensely and partook in many of the great things that it had to offer. I was bitterly envious of him when he was selected to ‘move up’ into the small choir from the large choir. We both sang in Friends’ House and around the Trafalgar Square Christmas Tree representing the school. We both left school after “O” levels at the age of 16. Brian was markedly more successful in this endeavour than I was.

In 1957 we both found ourselves working in London, we often spent our Luncheon Vouchers together at the same diner with Oliver Twigg (RIP). Brian was living with his parents in Chingford and commuted to The City where he worked for the Daily Mirror Group. He had joined the Lyndhurst Lawn Tennis Club to make some more friends and met his wife-to-be, Jean. At Old Scholars’ Weekends (which we never missed!) Jean was very much part of the gang. In 1963 they were married, and they spent an exciting and fulfilled 60-years of life together thereafter. Their two daughters and one granddaughter brought them both great happiness. As did cruising, playing bridge or canasta, golf and Probus. In retirement Brian worked as a volunteer driver.

In 1966 Brian and Jean leaped at the opportunity of a 4-year posting to Lagos in Nigeria to work in the accounts department of the Daily Times. By some astonishing coincidence, my wife and I lived in the same road in Lagos when, later, we too were posted there. Brian and Jean enjoyed the expatriate lifestyle with its year-round sporting opportunities and camaraderie. They returned to the UK to work for Baynard Press and finally Multisets Ltd in Swindon until his retirement at 58. Brian was a lovely boss for whom to work, if the tributes paid to him at his funeral are only half of the story. Everyone described him as a lovely man who was kind, generous and gentle.

Parkinson’s Disease was diagnosed when Brian was just 70. He bravely approached this with stoicism and fortitude. He will be much missed."
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