Who to Contact

Nigel McTear YG 1980 (nigel@mctear.com)

Andrew McTear  YG 1980 (andrewmctear@hotmail.com)

Secretary and Database: 
Roland Fischer-Vousden YG 2010 (fsswosa@gmail.com)

Vice Chair: 
Martin Hugall Staff 1972-2009 (martin@hugall.co.uk)

Roland Fischer-Vousden YG 2010 (fsswosa@gmail.com) and Martin Hugall Staff 1972-2009 (martin@hugall.co.uk)

Committee Members:
Biddy Vousden (Davey) YG 1972 (fsswosa@gmail.com)
Douglas Kent YG 1986 (fsswosa@gmail.com)
Sarah Westerhuis (Watson) YG 1982 (fsswosa@gmail.com)
Rebecca Chong YG 2007 (fsswosa@gmail.com)
Jo Willmott (Beechey) YG 1993 (fsswosa@gmail.com)
Paul Abrey YG 1978 (fsswosa@gmail.com)

Association Trustees:
Martin Hugall Staff 1972-2009 (martin@hugall.co.uk)
Andrew McTear YG 1980 (andrewmctear@hotmail.com)
Tony Watson YG 1954 (pilantone21@hotmail.co.uk)

Constitution and Rules of the Old Scholars' Association:Please click here to download the latest copy of our Constitution and Rules as adopted at the SGM on 19th May 2018; Rules updated on 2nd April 2022.

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