Luke Albarin (YG 1961)
28 August 2023
We are saddened to let Old Scholars know, very belatedly, about the death of Luke Albarin (YG 1961) who died on 19th January 2012 in Worcesteshire where he lived. Luke Albarin was born in Alexandria, Egypt in 1943 and he was at Friends' from 1958-61. He was known as 'Tavish' at school because he had been up in Scotland before coming to Friends'.

After school Luke studied at the University of Reading and went on to work for the BBC at the World Service as a newsreel editor. He was the editor in charge of the launch of the BBC's Hindi TV Service in 1996. Luke married in 1972 and had four children, a son and three daughters.

The information above was sent to me by Luke's schoolfriend Noel Clark (YG 1961), who also notified the Old Scholars about Luke's death as part of his recent contribution to the OS newsletter.

Photo: Luke is the man with the beard in the image which is a photo of the World Service newsroom in 1992.
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