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Brian Abbs (YG 1956)
14 April 2015
We are very sad to announce that "our friend and classmate Brian Abbs died on 20 January 2015. He was in the same year as me, John Veit Wilson, Kaye Whiteman, Judith Foster, Roger Buss, Tim Whitmore, Chris Noble, Vendela Revans, Elizabeth Paul, Robert Dutton, Michael Frizzell etc. He made an incredibly successful career in revolutionising textbooks and teaching of English as a Foreign Language. He was the co-author with me and Kaye of the various skits and satires presented in 1957-9.

Attached is the pdf of tributes. Note the one by Isobel Armstrong (Isobel Jones) who came to school with him on the Viceroy bus. Also some old photos of him playing Lysander in "A Midsummer Night's Dream".

There was a huge memorial session at Pearson (his publisher) on March 18. Chicken, Whittick and Judy Foster were also there"
Nigel Watts (YG 1956)
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