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Update on Chase New Homes plans for the Friends’ School site
09 July 2022
On 17 June 2022 Chase New Homes, at the request of the Planning Inspectorate, submitted amendments and additional information to their proposal for the development of the west part of the Friends' School site. According to the article in the Walden Local on 29 June 2022 these include amongst other documents: internal details of buildings, communal and public open spaces and car parking.

New documents received by Chase New Homes and other bodies can be found on the website here.
Thanks to Douglas Kent (YG 86) for alerting us to the above link.

Sports England have objected to the proposed demolition of the sport hall and queried the viability of the sports hall. According to the Walden Local “Critics of the plans call for the site to be considered as a whole, including the playing fields, and deplore its fragmentation, reducing the possibilities of future use and the inappropriate nature of the development in a Conservation Area. The major criticism is that additional housing on this scale would place an unsupportable burden on local services and traffic.”

Further comments can be made to the Planning Inspectorate by 22 July 2022. Details in the above link.
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