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YG 1955 Reunion
01 September 2019
Margaret Collison (YG 1956) wrote to the Friends School Old Scholars Association to let us know of the 1955 Year Group reunion last September. 10 Old Scholars met at Friends House in London, all of whom were 82 (or nearly). The group consisted of Tony and Ingrid Osborn, Joyce Prager (née Coffin), Sue Hourizi (née Haselgrove), Janet Claxton (née Hunn), Nuala Sterling (née Bradbury), Jill Verran (née Baker), Margaret Collison (née Shepherd), John Robertson and Alan Silitoe. The group met for coffee, stayed on for lunch and then some of went to the British Library where for tea. Margaret described the meeting as: "lots of eating and non stop talking!"

Old Scholars travelled from many different parts of the country for the reunion: Yorkshire, Somerset, Norfolk, Reading, Bath, Wiltshire, Coventry and London.
Margaret wrote in her email on 1st May: "It all sounds so ordinary, but I think we were all aware that we might not manage it again and events have certainly made this year impossible. We have an email group which includes quite a few people who were unable to make it and keep in touch regularly. The friendships we formed at FSSW are long lasting and mean a lot to us."
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